New Hub for Perspectives on the Arts in Minnesota

February 15, 2012

If you’re engaged in Minnesota’s thriving arts scene, there’s a new blog in town you’ll want to add to your reading list. MCF member The McKnight Foundation launched State of the Artist last week, in honor of the 30th anniversary of its artist fellowships program. As program officer Laura Zimmerman puts it in her inaugural post:

We decided to start a conversation about artists—or perhaps several conversations about artists. In the months to come, we will invite to this space contributors who identify themselves as artists and those who do not, those who are advocates for artists and those who think them scoundrels, those who think the artist’s time has come and those who think the very notion is outmoded, outlandish, or elitist.

The blog features posts by prominent local arts figures like Patrick Scully and Laura Zabel, with many more coming soon.  It has already attracted a big community of comments. Have a look and join the conversation! You can also follow @stateofartist on Twitter.