Mindful Media: Using the Matrix to Plan Your Messaging

August 16, 2010

Deciding what communications mediums to use should not feel like trying to read this.

What is the Matrix you ask? No, I’m not talking about the mind-bending late 90’s sci-fi flick. I’m referring to a nifty tool developed by Aspiration that helps you sort out the mind-bending  myriad of mediums both online and off that so many are using to spread messages these days.

Referred to as the publishing matrix, the tool is a simple grid that lists the types of messages you produce, and then has a column for each of the communications mediums that you currently are using. Using an “X” you can indicate which type of message, whether it be a press release or a blog post, should receive what type of distribution (e.g. facebook post, tweet, etc.)

It’s an excellent method for documenting what your promotional practices are for your messages among staff, especially if you have multiple staff members or even volunteers producing and distributing messages for your organization. You can download an example of the publishing matrix  at aspirationtech.org.

I learned about the tool at a presentation that Allen Gunn, executive director of Aspiration, gave at the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmaker conference. Located in San Francisco, Aspiration is a 501 c3 organization that specializes in connecting nonprofit clients with software solutions to help them better carry out their work. There is a variety of free resources for nonprofit communicators interested in streamlining their use of social media on aspirationtech.org.

– Cary Lenore Walski, MCF web communications associate

Image CC Patrick Hoesly