The Future is Abundant


Grantmakers listening in at the MCF Philanthropy Convening

MCF President Trista Harris has long wanted to use the tools of futurists right now in the social sector. With that in mind, she presented “The Future Started Yesterday: So Now What?” at MCF’s 2013 Philanthropy Convening.

She opened with a viewing of a 2012 TED talk by Peter Diamandis, M.D., chairman and CEO of the XPRIZE Foundation. California-based XPRIZE Foundation’s mission is: Bring about radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity, and it offers large cash incentive prizes to inventors who can solve grand challenges

Diamandis’ talk, “Abundance is Our Future,” was based on his book, “Abundance – The Future is Better Than You Think” co-written with Steven Kotler. His TED talk opened with a barrage of news clips, and he explained that in our 24/7 world, we are bombarded with way too much information. Unable to absorb it all, and being human with a goal of survival, we are wired to sort the information and raise the bad news to the top.

“The media feeds us negative stories because that’s what we pay attention to,” he said. “It’s no wonder people are pessimistic and think the world is getting worse.”

“But perhaps the world isn’t getting worse,” Diamandis continued. “Perhaps in the next few decades, we have the capacity to create abundance.”

He defined abundance as creating a life of possibility, rather than a life of luxury. “It’s about taking that which was scarce and making it abundant,” he clarified. “Scarcity is contextual and technology is a resource-liberating force.”

Watch the full TED talk below, and stay tuned for a future blog post to read what Trista Harris thinks it means for the future of philanthropy!

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