Helping Smallholder Farmers Grow Food for a Hungry World


Mosaic Villages Project India

new study indicates that world food production will need to double to feed the expected global population in 2050. In the summer issue of Giving Forum on corporate giving, learn how MCF member The Mosaic Company is working to change that with The Mosaic Villages Project.

As a global leader in crop nutrition, Mosaic is focused on two of the world’s most pressing problems: food security and water scarcity.

In many areas of the world, smallholder farmers are trapped in a cycle of insufficient crop yields and poverty. Generally living on one acre of land or less, smallholders often struggle simply to feed themselves — much less generate a surplus of food. With global population expected to increase to nine billion by 2050, it’s imperative that every farmer is able to maximize crop yields.

The award-winning Mosaic Villages Project provides participating farmers in India, Guatemala and several African countries with no-interest loans to buy fertilizer at planting; loans are repaid through the sale of surplus yield at harvest. Mosaic agronomists provide agricultural education and train partners to deliver ongoing advice on science-based farming practices.

Read more about how these models can help a hungry world grow the food it needs here.

– Susan Stehling, MCF communications associate

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