Foundation Program Officers Talk Evaluation

gfbannerDon’t miss the spring issue of MCF’s Giving Forum, where our brand new lead article represents a complete conversation we had with program officers: “Gauging Impact and Using Feedback.” In addition we’ve re-posted the video segment that you may have seen on the Philanthropy Potluck BlogPollen or MinnPost.

But Giving Forum online is the only place to both read the article and watch the video.

In the pieces, program officers from MCF-member foundations answer questions about:

  • how they evaluate grants and grantees,
  • how they obtain and use grant results,
  • what they’ve changed based on grantee feedback,
  • how they share the results,
  • why they think it is important for nonprofits to build evaluation into their work and more.

The insights of program officers from the following foundations are included:

How do you use evaluation at your foundation or nonprofit? Let us know.

Susan Stehling, MCF communications associate

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