Increased Funds, Modest Expectations for U.S.’s Largest Nonprofits

This week, The Chronicle of Philanthropy published the 2012 edition of the Philanthropy 400, its annual look at the 400 charities in the United States that raise the most from private sources.

The news was mixed: these top 400 nonprofits reported a strong growth in funds over the previous year, but were not as optimistic about their fortunes in 2012.

The median gain in funds raised for these charities was 7.5 percent, the third straight year of median gains in the Philanthropy 400 rankings. Eleven of the top 20 reported raising more money now than before 2008’s financial crisis, while others like United Way Worldwide continue to struggle to rebound.

On the other hand, many of the Philanthropy 400 were less optimistic about this trend continuing in 2012. The median forecast for this year was growth of less than 1 percent.

Other research has indicated that these top 400 nonprofits are outpacing the rest of the nonprofit sector. The Giving USA report released earlier this year showed an overall increase of 3.9% in nationwide giving. MCF’s just-released Giving in Minnesota, 2012 Edition showed a 2.6% increase in Minnesota giving over the previous year.

For more insights from The Chronicle’s new research, head over to the Philanthropy 400 section of their website (subscription required for some articles).

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