Study Finds Older Women Give More to Charity

Women Give 2012, a new study from the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, finds that boomer and older women are more likely to give to charity and give more than their male counterparts when other factors affecting giving are taken into consideration. In fact, at all income levels, and regardless of the share of their permanent income that they give, Boomer and older women give 89 percent more to charity than their male counterparts. Among those who are in the top 25 percent of permanent income, Boomer and older women give 156 percent more than similarly situated men.

The Women Give series studies only households headed by single females and single males to explain gender differences in giving. Because married couples tend to pool income and make joint decisions about giving to charity, studying married couples does not allow for testing of gender differences in giving.

Join the conversation: What motivates you to give to charity?

–Anne Bauers, MCF research manager

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