One Response to What Will it Take to Create a Second Minnesota Miracle?

  1. Marlord says:

    I’ll start . my vision for the fturue of philanthropy is radical. It entails a more equitable balance of resources. The ideal would be a world in which philanthropy would cease to exist. Philanthropy defined as the wealthy giving large amounts of money for charitable purposes . The have-not gap would no longer be so vast. Those who have never experienced poverty would no longer be able to dictate and strategize how poverty should be solved . But back to reality the perspectives of those most impacted by oppression and have the most to lose should be involved. It’s the nuance of experiencing versus living. Authentically incorporating and validating those voices is imperative if you truly desire change because without analyzing how multiple systems of domination affect all levels of our culture we will remain stuck in the current recession of thought and (in)action.

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