Charitable Giving Drops Nationwide

In the recently-released Giving in Minnesota 2011 research report, MCF found that giving by individuals, foundations and corporate giving programs totaled $4.9 billion for the 2009 research year, a decrease of 9.3 percent from 2008; foundation and corporate grantmaking decreased 3.6 percent from 2008. This trend was not limited to Minnesota alone –nationwide, giving decreased in 2009 as well. But some nonprofits are beginning to see increased funding levels.

The Foundation Center, in the 2011 Foundation Giving Trends report, found that nationwide, overall grantmaking declined 2.1 percent from 2008 to 2009. And funding for only two of ten subject areas increased during that time: education and public affairs/society benefit posted modest gains. (In 2009 in Minnesota, funding for public affairs/society benefit increased, while education funding remained flat.)

Nonprofits may now be recovering from these 2009 declines. The Chronicle of Philanthropy found that nonprofits that make up their Philanthropy 400 expect a median rise of 4.7 percent in 2011 funds raised. That beats last year’s 3.5-percent median gain. But the modest increases for the Philanthropy 400 don’t come close to erasing an unprecedented 11-percent decline in the total raised by charities on the survey in 2009.

Join the conversation: In these uncertain economic times, how can nonprofits sustain their fundraising levels? How can grantmakers support them?

– Anne Bauers, MCF research manager

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