Welcome Minnesota Philanthropy Partners!

Earlier this week, Minnesota Philanthropy Partners was unveiled to the world. This is the new name to describe the long-standing collaboration between The Saint Paul Foundation, Minnesota Community Foundation, the F. R. Bigelow Foundation, Mardag Foundation (all MCF members), and more than 1,600 other charitable entities.

For decades, this network has been a model of shared staff and services, keeping costs low and putting more dollars into the community. The name Minnesota Philanthropy Partners is a more accurate way to communicate the value of this collaboration to the community.

“We chose the name Minnesota Philanthropy Partners to describe our network because it truly describes who we are—many organizations doing great work in collaboration,” said Carleen Rhodes, CEO and president of Minnesota Philanthropy Partners.

The four anchor foundations and other philanthropic affiliates will retain their individual identities and continue to provide the same vital services and support they have for decades. Staff that support the four anchors will now be employees of Minnesota Philanthropy Partners.

To learn more, see the Minnesota Philanthropy Partners website, www.mnpartners.org. The four anchor foundations have also all launched attractive new websites that are worth a visit:

The Saint Paul Foundation
Minnesota Community Foundation
F. R. Bigelow Foundation
Mardag Foundation

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