Can Bloggers Change the World? Some Food for Thought on Blog Action Day 2009

Can bloggers change the world? The folks over at certainly think so. They are busy orchestrating the third annual Blog Action Day.

The idea behind Blog Action Day is simple. Individual bloggers can only do so much, but if enough bloggers can be united to write about a single issue on a particular day from their own unique perspective, suddenly that issue has an audience of millions.

Reading about’s Blog Action Day got me thinking about the prospect of this type of cross-organizational communication on common causes within Minnesota. As a communicator working in the nonprofit and philanthropic sphere, I know I daily combat the daunting knowledge that we are all in a sense “competing” for a finite amount of the public’s attention.

Seeing the initiative got me thinking. What if groups hooked arms and pulled together around causes, instead of elbowing each other out of the way?

What do you think? Are there more ways that organizations within Minnesota can be collaborating on communication around common causes? How effective do you think online, cross-organizational strategies like these are, especially when there’s no common message per se, but just a common directive to draw attention to the topic?

Can you think of any groups who are taking steps to communicate jointly around a shared interest using their online communications like the folks over at

I am all ears! If you have any thoughts or examples to share about this strategy for public engagement, please leave your comments below.

-Cary Lenore Walski, MCF web communications associate

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