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Roundup of how media outlets are covering the world of philanthropy and nonprofits.


  • Researchers Examine Foundation Expectations for Giving in 2009
    Foundation Center: Of the hundred largest foundations, only two have announced that they intend to increase their giving in 2009. To keep giving stable despite shrinking endowments and assets, ten large foundations, including The McKnight Foundation, are planning to increase their payout rates or establish cost-cutting measures such as freezing salaries, leaving staff vacancies unfilled, or reducing staff benefits.
  • Economic Downturn a Significant Concern Among Corporate Giving Officers
    Foundation Center: Corporate grantmakers indicate their biggest challenge is an increase in grant requests, followed by inadequate financial resources, a decline in their corporate foundation endowment, and measuring results/outcomes.
  • Stimulus Applications Could Overwhelm
    Washington Post: The site where nonprofits and local governments can search federal programs and apply for more than 1,000 competitive grants from 22 agencies is already straining under the weight of recent growth.
  • Collaboration: Every Nonprofit Should Be Doing It
    Florida Weeky: I can almost hear the collective sigh of nonprofit executives, staff, volunteers, and board members, because I know you are probably tired of hearing your funders talk about partnership and collaboration. But I am here to tell you that in this day and age, and with this economic climate, you can’t afford not to collaborate.


  • Invest Early Shows Success Early
    MPR: The program takes a new collaborative approach to preschool education. It’s already shown progress in better preparing kids for kindergarten. Supporters say it also has big potential for long-term savings for taxpayers. The Grand Rapids-based Blandin Foundation formed the partnership, and committed $1.5 million annually for 10 years to help serve more kids.


  • Education Push Includes Merit Pay
    Wall Street Journal: The president’s plan, which largely implements promises from his campaign, includes new incentives for states to boost the quality of preschool programs and easier access to financial aid for higher education. Mr. Obama also called on states to raise standards for student achievement.
  • Charities Flunk the Gratitude Test
    Chronicle of Philanthropy: A nonprofit communications blogger is disappointed by the general lack of response to her gifts to 12 charities.

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